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Information for Phelsuma (Day Geckos)

All day geckos are in the genus Phelsuma. There are approximately 80 known species and subspecies of day geckos, and most are from Madagascar and the surrounding islands of the Indian Ocean.

Members of the genus Phelsuma are diurnal (active during the day), while most other members of the family Gekkonidae are active only at night (nocturnal). Phelsuma Day geckos have a clear, fixed plate covering their eyes and do not have eyelids. All day geckos have flattened toe pads that are covered on the bottom with dead, keratinized scales called lamellae. The lamellae scale surface is made up of long hair-like structures called setae, and each setae is divided and subdivided along its length making the setal tips very small. Because of the setae, day geckos are capable of climbing up glass walls and, across ceilings, making them great escape artists.

In the wild, day geckos feed on insects, other invertebrates, nectar and pollen. In captivity the most common foods are crickets, wax moths, houseflies, papaya and baby-food fruits. An important factor in nutrition is calcium and vitamin supplementation. Vitamin D3 is required for the effective absorption of calcium. Calcium and phosphorus, in correct ratio, are required for a number of metabolic functions. Day geckos need ultraviolet lighting in order to synthesize vitamin D3. Mesh screen is recommended under the lights because plastic and glass block a large percentage of the UV lighting from reaching the gecko.

Most day geckos come from habitats with humidity levels of 50-85% however day geckos from Southwestern Madagascar prefer it dry and hot. If the correct environmental and nutritional needs are met, a number of day gecko species will routinely breed in captivity.

Select a Species:

     Phelsuma abbotti (Aldabra Island Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma abbotti abbotti
          Phelsuma abbotti chekei
          Phelsuma abbotti pulchra
          Phelsuma abbotti sumptio (Assumption Island day gecko)
     Phelsuma andamanense (Andaman Islands Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma antanosy
     Phelsuma astriata (Seychelles Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma astriata astovei
          Phelsuma astriata astriata
          Phelsuma astriata semicarinata
     Phelsuma barbouri (Barbour's Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma berghofi
     Phelsuma borbonica (Reunion Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma borbonica agalegae (Agalaga Island day gecko)
          Phelsuma borbonica borbonica
          Phelsuma borbonica mater
     Phelsuma breviceps
     Phelsuma cepediana (Blue-tail Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma comorensis (Comoro Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma dubia (Zanzibar Day Gecko, Dull Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma edwardnewtoni (Rodrigues Blue-dotted day gecko)
     Phelsuma flavigularis (Yellow-throated Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma gigas (Rodrigues' Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma guentheri (Round lsland Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma guimbeaui (Orange-spotted Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma guttata (Speckled Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma hielscheri
     Phelsuma inexpectata
     Phelsuma kely
     Phelsuma klemmeri
     Phelsuma laticauda (Broad-tailed Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma laticauda angularis
          Phelsuma laticauda laticauda
     Phelsuma lineata (Striped Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma lineata bifasciata
          Phelsuma lineata bombetokensis
          Phelsuma lineata chloroscelis
          Phelsuma lineata dorsivittata
          Phelsuma lineata lineata
          Phelsuma lineata punctulata
     Phelsuma madagascariensis (Madagascar Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma madagascariensis boehmei (Boehme's Giant Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis (Madagascar Giant Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma madagascariesis kochi
          Phelsuma madagascariesis madagascariensis
     Phelsuma malamakibo
     Phelsuma masohoala
     Phelsuma modesta (Modest Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma modesta isakae
          Phelsuma modesta leiogaster
          Phelsuma modesta modesta
     Phelsuma mutabilis (Thicktail Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma nigristriata (Island Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma ocellata (Namaqua Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma ornata (Ornate Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma parkeri (Parker's Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma pronki
     Phelsuma pusilla
          Phelsuma pusilla hallmanni (Hallmann's Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma pusilla pusilla
     Phelsuma quadriocellata (Peacock Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma quadriocellata bimaculata
          Phelsuma quadriocellata lepida
          Phelsuma quadriocellata parva (Small Peacock Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma quadriocellata quadriocellata
     Phelsuma robertmertensi (Mertens' Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma rosagularis
     Phelsuma seippi (Seipp's Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma serraticauda (Serrated Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma standingi (Standing's Day Gecko)
     Phelsuma sundbergi (Seychelles Giant Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma sundbergi ladiguensis (La Digue day gecko)
          Phelsuma sundbergi longinsulae (Mahé day gecko)
          Phelsuma sundbergi sundbergi
     Phelsuma v-nigra (Indian Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma v-nigra anjouanensis (Anjouan Island Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma v-nigra comoraegrandensis (Grand Comoro Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma v-nigra pasteuri (Pasteur's Day Gecko)
          Phelsuma v-nigra v-nigra
     Phelsuma vanheygeni

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