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Sphaerodactylus corticola
(Rum Cay Least Gecko)

Species Information
Scientific NameSphaerodactylus corticola
Common NameRum Cay Least Gecko
CITES StatusNot CITES Protected
Life Spanunknown
DistrobutionBahamas (East Plana Cay, Acklin's Island), Crooked Island, North Cay, Fish Cay, Castle Island, Rum Cay), San Salvador Island
Sphaerodactylus corticola corticola: Rum Cay. Terra typica: Rum Cay, Bahama Islands.
Sphaerodacylus corticola apporox (HOLOTYPE AMNH 76146): East Plana Cay. Sphaerodacylus corticola campter (HOLOTYPE CM 40636): Crooked-Acklins Bank.
Sphaerodactylus corticola soter (HOLOTYPE CM 40635): San Salvador I. and satellites. INCERTAE SEDIS: The species may occur on Conception I.; material from Saman Cay, Bahama Is., is unassigned subspecifically.
Sub-SpeciesSphaerodactylus corticola aporrox
Sphaerodactylus corticola campter
Sphaerodactylus corticola soter
Sphaerodactylus corticola corticola
Quick Care Information
Humidityunknown Daytime Tempunknown
Nighttime Tempunknown Basking Tempunknown
Groups OKunknown Territorial Malesunknown
Difficultyunknown Temp-Sexedunknown
Incubation Tempunknown Incubation Timeunknown
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