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Information for Uroplatus (Leaf-tailed Geckos)

Select a Species:

     Uroplatus alluaudi (Northern Fiat-tail Gecko)
     Uroplatus ebenaui (Spear-tail Gecko (Nosy Be FIat-tail Gecko))
     Uroplatus fimbriatus (Giant Leaf-tail gecko)
     Uroplatus guentheri (Gunther's Leaf-tail Gecko)
     Uroplatus henkeli (Frilled Leaf-tail gecko)
     Uroplatus lineatus (Lined Leaf-Tail Gecko)
     Uroplatus malahelo
     Uroplatus malama
     Uroplatus phantasticus (Satanic Leaf-tail gecko)
     Uroplatus pietschmanni
     Uroplatus sikorae (Southern Leaf-tail Gecko)
          Uroplatus sikorae sameiti
          Uroplatus sikorae sikorae

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