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Subfamilies of Gekkonidae

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1. Subfamily: (none)

     Members of this category have not been grouped into a SubFamily.

2. Subfamily: Aeluroscalabotinae

     This Subfamily contains only one genus with a single species: Aeluroscalabotes felinus. Members of Aeluroscalabotinae, like Eublepharinae, possess moveable eyelids. Because of these similarities, Some authors have treated the members of Aeluroscalabotinae and Eublepharinae as a combined family, called Eublepharidae (GRISMER, 1988).

3. Subfamily: Diplodactylinae

     This subfamily contains the popular New Caledonian Geckos (Genus Rhacodactylus). Until fairly recently, the subfamily was included in the family Pygopodidae (KLUGE, 1987), and not within Gekkonidae.

4. Subfamily: Eublepharinae

     This subfamily, with the exception of the Aeluroscalabotinae subfamily, is the only in which members possess moveabile eyelids. This subfamily contains the Leopard Gecko, which is one of the most commonly kept species in the United States.

5. Subfamily: Gekkoninae

     By far the largest subfamily of the Gekkonidae family, this subfamily contains more than 900 species and 400 subspecies. It is also the classification of the first gecko species described, the Tokay Gecko (Gekko gekko).

6. Subfamily: Teratoscincinae

     Teratoscincinae contains only 7 species, commonly referred to as Wonder Geckos. They have fixed eyelids.
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